Content Marketing Trends in 2022 & How to Use Them to Grow Your Practice

Content Marketing Trends in 2022 & How to Use Them to Grow Your Practice

2021 was….. interesting to say the least.

We learned a lot about politics, covid therapies that work (and which ones don’t), and how to shift our content marketing strategies to avoid being censored amidst the spread of ‘misinformation.’ 🙈🙉🙊

So how do we navigate the new content marketing trends in 2022 without getting hung out to dry by the mainstream media and online tech giants?

Well, as a wellness practitioner, there are a few important things to consider this year when it comes to marketing your practice. These important marketing tools can help you reach your ideal audience in a much more efficient and precise way. Here are the top 3 ways to build your practice using essential content trends in 2022.

Trend 1: Focus on Video, Audio, and Multimedia

Did you know that 86% of businesses used video as a marketing tool in 2021? 

That over half of Americans listen to podcasts?

And videos on social media get 1200% more shares than text or image-based content combined?

The days of focusing solely on writing and static posting are becoming a thing of the past. Both of these well-used forms of communication can be amplified by including more of what the audience wants – namely multimedia. 

In 2022, we can clearly expect to see a significant rise in the consumption of more video, audio, and real-time content to better connect with and engage our audiences. 

So, if you’ve been nervous about showing your pretty face on video, now is the time to bust through those fears and get your authentic self out there. If that leaves you feeling a bit puckery, we’ve got you covered. 

Here are three super easy ways to add more multimedia-type content to your marketing:

  1. Offer to appear as a guest on someone’s podcast. Guest podcasts are a great way to build your following because it allows you to get in front of someone else’s audience. So, start reaching out to podcast hosts who share the same target audience as you. Be sure to lead with information that is beneficial to them and not all about you. 
  2. Record a one-minute video to include in your next email. Answer one question you get asked frequently. Provide simple ideas about how patients can drink more water. Show your favorite back and neck stretch while working at a desk. Or just pop in to say hi and share a funny story about yourself.
  3. Voice record a top-performing blog. If you’re all about that blog life, take one of your most popular ones from last year, and record it using the microphone on your computer. It doesn’t have to be pro-quality. Offer the audio recording as a download in exchange for their email address so you can keep sending them other useful information (including ways they can work with you).

These three ideas are a great way to get your beautiful face and voice out there!

Trend 2: Build Your Niche Through a Community

Your audience is most likely looking for ways to have more meaningful community, especially with the circumstances we’ve lived through for the past few years. And online communities have become the place where they often look. 

Take Facebook Groups as an example. This past year saw a boom in the number of Facebook Groups. Of the 2.9 billion people on Facebook, over 1.8 billion of them are now using the Groups feature each month

But we know Facebook comes with its own set of challenges (to put it nicely). So, how can you create a community that your patients want but without worrying about your content getting censored?

The answer may be easier than you think: Find and use another platform.

Let’s take Telegram for example. Telegram is a free messaging app that allows you to send photos, videos, messages – any type of file really. 

With Telegram, you can invite people in, even if they don’t have the app. Plus, you can create groups that allow you to chat and share information more freely. This makes Telegram especially helpful for…

  • Building a community of like-minded people.
  • Providing specific content without fear of being censored.
  • Creating more authentic relationships with your patients.

So, if you haven’t started a Telegram chat, consider jumping on it now. Here are five simple steps to get your chat group up and going:

  1. Create your group chat. You can do this either through the desktop or mobile apps. Give your new group an aspirational name based on how you help your patients. Try to be specific. For example, “Thyroid Help for Women” or something like that.
  2. Send a welcome message. You may also want to draft up a few messages so your Group won’t look totally empty when new members join. 
  3. Start inviting people that you think would be a great fit. Ask former patients, friends, or family members to invite others in.
  4. Keep regularly engaging your group through messages, photos, videos, and maybe even an extra special offer every now and then.

To keep it manageable, set aside 10 minutes a day to check on your Group. Plan to spend another 30 minutes or so each week to create your week’s content.

Trend 3: Quality and Personality Over Quantity

It’s no secret that there’s a massive amount of information flooding the digital world. And with more and more material being cranked out each day, it’s easy to get discouraged and wonder how in the world you can even begin to stand out in the vast sea of content.

Fortunately, the answer is simple. It has to do with shifting from quantity to quality.

Let’s be real. When you decided to start a practice, you didn’t sign up to be a full-time content writer. But this is an important part of building a loyal following. 

So, instead of grinding out content just because you have to, think about… 

  • getting clear about why you’re creating the content 
  • and then writing read-worthy content that reflects your voice and shows your personality

If your content doesn’t deliver value, pitch it. And even more importantly, make sure it sounds and feels like you – with your personality and perspective. And remember – keep it light and make it fun. This will help you stand out from the rest.

Build Your Practice With These 2022 Content Marketing Trends

The start of a new year is inspiring and motivating in so many ways. It’s a time when you feel refreshed, re-energized, and ready to tackle the year with renewed oomph! 

Look for ways you can use these three important trends for 2022 to your advantage. It is, after all, the year of doing it better, not doing more.

If you’d like to get a pulse check on where your marketing is now – before you start making any changes – we would be happy to take a look. One of our favorite invitations is a free marketing evaluation. 

We’ve looked at hundreds of practitioners’ websites, blogs, emails, and social posts. And we’d love to peek at yours and offer suggestions that will give your content marketing a distinct edge over your local competitors. To sign-up for a free, no-pressure evaluation, head here.

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