3 Ways to Boost Your Content with Clinical Catalyst

How to Make the Most of Your Clinical Catalyst Content Marketing Resources

Think about when that certain patient walked through the door in serious need of help. During your appointment, you discover that her blood pressure is higher than it should be and decide to recommend a protocol that’ll drop it back into a healthy range fairly easily. 

You suggest she monitor her blood pressure weekly, take the supplements you’ve recommended, maintain a Paleo-friendly diet, and you’d also like her to get in a bit more exercise. But at the end of the day, you’re confident this protocol will make a significant difference for your patient.

But you also know that in order for her to experience the maximum success possible, she needs to stay consistent and make it her own. Using the food lists you provide, she’ll need to choose the recipes she loves and incorporate them into her daily regime. She’ll also need to choose the type of exercise she enjoys so she’ll stick with it. 

You provided her with the framework and solid recommendations. Her job is to work within those guidelines and make it her own. 

The same goes for you – as part of the Clinical Catalyst community.

Each month, we provide the same kind of framework for our Clinical Catalyst community. With so much powerful, practitioner-approved content, it removes the need to figure it out yourself and instead, allows you to truly make it your own. Weekly emails, twice-a-month blogs, weekly recipes, quizzes to use for lead generation, monthly content calendars, online digital forms, a customized marketing guide… and the list goes on! 

But for all this content to be successful – really successful – it needs to have your unique take. Your perspective. That special personality and flair that only you can bring. 

One of the things we’re most passionate about is removing the hard work and making it as easy as possible for you. This is why we’ve put together a few super-simple tips to help you customize your content marketing and make it your own. 

Keep on reading to learn three simple ways you can really maximize all the amazing Clinical Catalyst content you have access to each month.

Tip 1: Follow the Weekly Theme

Do you ever sit down to create some kind of content – any content – and just draw a blank? Yeah, it’s happened to us, too. 

That’s why we provide weekly content themes to help you get focused on topics that are important to your patients. We look at what’s trending in the wellness community and choose the topics that will be the most relevant for your audience. Once we’ve narrowed them down, we plug them into your monthly calendar as weekly themes. 

For example, let’s say this week’s theme is skin hydration. We provide you with foundational content around that particular theme which includes a high-value blog and an email containing information having to do with that particular theme. Done. You can check that off your list. 

Want to post on social? We give you 3 posts per week for that, too.

But the true beauty in having weekly themes is the opportunity for you to incorporate your unique perspective and personality into your content. Don’t just leave it at the blogs or emails we provide. You can also create…

  • A post or video showing your favorite way to keep your skin soft and hydrated
  • A Reel on how to create your go-to strawberry-mint water recipe
  • An additional email showing your personal hydration routine

The difference? We provide you with foundational, high-quality content that’s important to your audience. Then you can overlay your own unique content on the top! 

Tip 2: Use the Marketing Guide 

Each month, we send all of our members a customized marketing guide. This is your step-by-step handbook to keep your marketing on track and make it super easy to execute. 

The marketing guide contains things like:

  • Release dates. You’ll know precisely which type of content is being released and the specific dates including a weekly Health Tip email, your biweekly Wellness Article, and three weekly Facebook posts.
  • Suggested topics for your own unique social posts that tie into that week’s theme.
  • Additional marketing suggestions that will “wow!” your patients and leave them wanting more.

The best part about the marketing guide is that we do all the research for you. We take the marketing ideas that we know will work and break them down into easy-to-execute steps for you. So, by the time you crack open your guide, all you need to do is to add your own unique flair and hit publish!

Tip 3: Infuse Your Personality

If you think about your favorite TV or movie character, what do you love the most about them? 

Is it…

Their sexy smile? 

Their sense of humor? 

How they always seem to make you realize life isn’t so bad? 

Personalities that make the biggest impact on us do so because their actions are memorable. There’s something about their personality or perspective that you can’t forget – that you don’t want to forget.

The same goes for your practice. Your patients loooove knowing more about you and your philosophy about health and healing. They’re also drawn to your personality. Yet, when it comes to translating your personal perspectives into your content, something happens and you freeze. So, what can you do to get over it and start showing some of your personal side?

Well, the first step is by calling out the elephant in the room – fear. One of the reasons most practitioners don’t add personality to their content is they’re afraid they won’t sound professional. 

But the truth is – you can be professional while also letting your unique self shine through. Here’s how:

  • Tell a story. What’s more powerful – saying “3 out of 4 Americans feel stressed” or sharing a real-life story about how you helped a patient lower her stress and the transformation it had in her life? Stories win every time.
  • Add in something personal. You don’t have to share your whole life story. But getting personal can be as simple as adding a couple of words to a sentence. For example, it’s as easy as taking this sentence…
    • From: “We offer food-based, organic supplements that can help reduce your stress.”
    • To: “We offer some of the best food-based, organic supplements available that really help reduce your stress (kava is my fav!).” 
  • Interject your unique personality throughout your content. This doesn’t mean you need to rewrite everything. But before you hit publish, read it out loud and see if it sounds like something you would actually say in real life. 

These are a few super easy ways to help your audience know that there’s an actual person behind the content. When everything starts sounding the same and feels ‘curated,’ adding in the human touch is a HUGE plus! 

Improve Your Content Marketing by Adding the Most Important Part – You!

When your patients open an email from you, check out your blog, or skim through your social posts, they want to learn more and get to know YOU. 

They’re already benefiting from the amazing content and added value that you offer with your Clinical Catalyst content. But without adding in that extra special touch – that unique flair that only you can give, your content can sound just like everyone else’s.

When you deliver high-quality content that provides value and comes from your heart, it’s irresistible. So for now, just start with one thing. Try out one of the above tips and let us know how it helps you stand out online. We can’t wait to cheer you on!

Ronda Nelson

Hi, I’m Ronda Nelson and I help wellness practitioners grow thriving, profitable practices that allow them to work with ease, live a life they love and make an income they can be proud of.
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