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Using Social Media to Increase Your Online Visibility

Do you want to grow your practice through social media but don’t know where to start? If so, you’re in the right spot!

Building a social media presence for your practice is like being the new kid in school. You don’t know anyone. You don’t know the rules. And plenty of students are flocking around Julie at the cheerleader’s table while your only visitor is the floppy red jello cubes on your lunch tray….

Growing your practice’s social media presence takes time and engagement. And when you’re first starting out, your brain might be flooded with questions. Questions like:

  • Which platform should I use?
  • Should I create a business or personal page for my practice?
  • How often should I post, and what should I write about?
  • When should I create a post versus a story?

It’s understandable to have tons of questions when you’re just starting out. In this blog, we’ll answer all of these, plus tell you the one mistake that could be costing you patients when it comes to social media. Let’s dive in.

Which Platform Should I Use to Grow My Practice?

This is a great question, and it totally depends on who your perfect patient is and where they love hanging out. So, if you haven’t niched down, this is the time to do it.

Once you’ve identified your perfect patient and you know all of the fun details about them that bring them to life, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision about where to market your practice. 

To help you narrow down where to focus your marketing efforts, here are some stats about three of the top social media platforms:1

  • Facebook Despite all the heartache it’s caused, this is still the most widely used platform out there. 56% of users are male, and the platform overall skews towards the older generations (Boomers).
  • Instagram This platform comes in second after Facebook but draws in a younger crowd. 57% of active users are female, and 1 in 3 users are between 25-34 years old. 
  • LinkedIn If you’re wanting to connect to a more professional, educated, or global audience, this may be the platform for you. Most users are 46-55 years old, but Millennials make up roughly 25% of the users.

Ultimately, it’s about knowing your ideal patient and where they hang out, consume information that’s relevant for them, and look for support. 

Oftentimes, practitioners want to cast a wider net to reach more potential patients, so they’ll create profiles across multiple social media platforms. This can definitely help expand your reach, especially if your Instagrammer is not on Facebook. 

However, if you go this route, be careful to not bite off more than you can chew. To help prevent social media overwhelm, we recommend that you center your efforts around one platform. Get really good at that one and then focus on the others.

Should I Create a Business or Personal Page for My Practice?

We’ll cut straight to the chase on this one. On Facebook, you are required to have a personal page but on Instagram, you can choose – personal page or business page. And because your  practice is a business, regardless of the platform,  we recommend going with a business page. 

With a business page, you can see how your posts are performing and what’s getting the most (and least) engagement. This type of insight can help you get better and better with your posts. You don’t get that level of visibility and insight when you create a personal page.

How Often Should I Post, and What Should I Write About?

When it comes to social media, or any marketing really, consistency is key. But you also want to make sure what you commit to is sustainable. After all, you’re busy seeing patients, staying on top of paperwork, keeping up with any continuing education, etc. So, social media is a small sliver of a large pie.

Start by posting a couple of times a week – whatever is most manageable for you. Once you get cruising at that level, consider bumping it up.

When it comes to writing your content, always look at ways to add value and serve your audience. Try these three tips:

  1. Avoid over promoting. For every four value-based posts, do one post that promotes your services.
  2. If you’re not sure what to post about, start with frequently asked questions you hear from your patients. As you go about your day and get asked questions, jot them down in a notebook or on your phone. This running log will become your lifesaver during creative dry spells!
  3. Change up how you reach your readers. Each platform has a variety of ways to engage with your audience, so do a combination of posts, videos, and lives. And if going on camera gives you the jitters, check out these extra tips to boost your on-camera confidence.

When writing your posts, the goal is to highlight your specialty through the lens of your unique personality while also keeping the spotlight on your ideal patient. Sounds confusing, I know. But keep reading – you’ll get it!

When Should I Create a Post Versus a Story?

Generally speaking, a lot can go into making a post. It’s typically more curated and buttoned up. Posts are the content that shows up in others’ News Feeds, and they don’t go away (unless you delete them).

Stories on the other hand are a fun, more casual way to engage with your audience. They’re located up along the top of your social platform instead of in the News Feed.

Our rule of thumb is to go for a Story when sharing a casual behind-the-scenes look. You could share a snapshot of you at the farmer’s market or some other fun glimpse into you or your practice.

If you want to create something that can be referenced later, then posts are the way to go. Things like posture tips, ways you can drink more water throughout the day, or highlighting supplements to boost your energy, are all examples of value-packed social media posts that will serve your audience. And once you publish it, don’t forget to share it as a Story. That makes your post a win-win and gets in front of Story lovers!

Baby Step Your Way to Social Media Success

Just like making new friends at a new school, learning the ins and outs of social media takes time. Small steps every day will help you to get more familiar and refined. And who knows, you may even enjoy it!

If you’d like us to take a look at your social media (or your marketing strategy in general), head over here to sign up for your free evaluation. It’s no cost and no pressure. We’re here to serve you and help you use social media to grow your practice! 


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