Section 1 – Home Page

Section 1 – Your Home Page

Headline Copy and CTA

This section on your home page is the most important one on your website. Your visitor needs to know right away that you understand their problem and are the right person to help solve it!

Your headline copy should be concise and succinct, letting your patient
know what you do and who you serve. Avoid being too clever or wordy as
this only serves as a distraction.

Your header image
should reinforce what you’re saying in your headline
copy. Look for an image that is congruent with your message. It should have a face (yours or someone elses) and look authentic. And be sure you have the rights to use it!

Additional website images can add personality to your website provided
they are cohesive with your brand and message. These can be purchased
images or ones that you’ve taken of your office, staff or patients. Be sure you have permission to use them!

Your CTA or Call to Action button should say the exact same thing
throughout your site. This gives the visitor clear direction about what they
need to do wo work with you. Avoid passive recommendations that give
them an excuse to walk away and not take direct action

Direct CTA examples:
• Schedule Now
• Schedule an Appointment
• Work with Me
• Work with Us
• Contact Us Now

Passive CTA examples:
• Learn more
• Investigate further
• Read more

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