Fun Ways to Harness the Power of Video for Your Practice

“I don’t have anything interesting enough to share on a video.”

“Ugh, I don’t like how I look on camera.”

“What if I fumble over my words or make a mistake?”

Whether it’s going Live or hosting a webinar for your practice, showing up on video can feel downright intimidating! You have to figure out the right location, the best lighting, and the perfect outfit. Between all those decisions plus actually serving your patients, it’s easy to shrug off going on camera for another day.

If using video to market your practice has you feeling overwhelmed or nervous, help has arrived! Here are three stellar places you can go on-camera – plus some easy, fun video marketing tips to help you overcome your on-camera jitters.

“I don’t have anything interesting enough to share on a video.”

“Ugh, I don’t like how I look on camera.”

“What if I fumble over my words or make a mistake?”

1. Come (A)LIVE on Social Media

Social media is a powerful place to establish a direct and personal connection with your ideal audience and engage with them in real-time. It’s also a platform where you can promote your practice, share about upcoming events, give helpful tips or advice, and so much more!

But unlocking your fullest potential on social media involves more than throwing up a quick post. Your followers want to see – and hear – YOU! And that means going on video, specifically going Live. Did you know…

  • 82% of people on social media prefer lives over standard posts.1
  • 43% want to see even more videos in the future.2
  • Going live gets you more engagement – In fact, Facebook lives get 10 times more engagement than just posting traditional videos!3

Hopping on a Live doesn’t have to take a ton of preparation. You don’t always need a script or talking points (unless they help you feel more comfortable). Here are a few ideas to get you ready to go:

  • If you’re a chiropractor, guide your followers through a few stretching exercises to help with their posture.
  • If you’re a health coach, give a couple quick ideas on how to creatively use that creamy avocado they picked up during their last grocery store run.
  • If you’re an acupuncturist, share three surprising ways acupuncture can help with fertility.

It’s perfectly okay to start small and only go Live for a few minutes. Baby steps will help you get more comfortable, and before long, you’ll be a Live pro!

2. Modernize Your Website With Video

Videos on your website help your viewers understand who you are and what you do. Did you know they can also get you more visitors to your website?

86% of marketers report that video has boosted traffic to their sites.4 And once the visitor is on your site, videos encourage them to stay on longer and consume more of your content.

But where can you use videos on your website? Here are a few primo spots:

  • The top of your Home Page. Give a warm welcome to your website visitors by introducing them to your practice and sharing what they’ll experience as your patient.
  • Your About Page. In addition to including text, consider having a video where you share about who you are, what inspired you to become a practitioner, and how you love helping patients within your specialty.
  • Testimonials. Don’t limit videos to just you! Encourage video testimonials from thrilled patients* and include short videos from your staff sharing what they loooove about your practice. (*Make sure you’re HIPAA compliant if using patient testimonials.)

As with your social page, make sure videos for your site spotlight how passionate, authentic, and sincere you are. Be sure they’re high-quality and updated so that the latest and greatest is always there for your next visitor.

3. Extend Your Video’s Reach to Email

If you’ve been working hard to grow your email list, video is a great way to serve your readers. No other medium can communicate to your audience as quickly or as effectively as video. Videos have a powerful way of hooking viewers and accelerating engagement.

The numbers don’t lie. Using videos in your emails can:5

  • boost your open rates by 19%
  • increase your click rates by 65%
  • reduce your unsubscribe rates by 26%

Simply put, people looove videos!

Here are three ways to make them really shine:

  1. Create high-quality videos. Nothing’s worse than a grainy video or when the audio breaks up every few words. You don’t need fancy equipment to start. Your phone, a tripod, and strong WIFI should do the job.
  2. Keep them short. Long videos won’t fly with your audience, and they’ll take forever for you to record. Keep them short, sweet, and to the point – one or two minutes tops.
  3. Include a call-to-action. Encourage your viewers to take action, whether that’s going to your site, replying to the email, or sharing the video with their friends.

Videos can be a fun way to change up how you’re connecting with your readers in their inboxes. Give it a try – you just might get hooked!

Tips to Making Spectacular Videos

While you don’t need a film crew to shoot your videos, you do want to make sure they look and feel professional. Keep these things in mind when filming your next video:

  • Wear clothing that’s comfortable and inspires you. You don’t need to bust out an official white lab coat (unless you wear one normally at your practice).
  • Showcase your personality! Your videos don’t have to be perfect, but they do need to be YOU. Share a fun story, keep it upbeat, and don’t be afraid to show your quirky side.
  • If you make a mistake, keep going. We all flub-up from time to time! It shows you’re human and makes you more relatable to your patients.

Creating videos is really all about serving your patients in a creative, personal way. Keeping them at the center of your videos will inspire you to produce authentic content that they can’t resist!

Are You Camera-Ready?

Using video to market your practice is a powerful way to serve your patients and connect with new ones.

If you still feel a little weird about going on camera, don’t let it paralyze you. One way to ease into making videos is to do a couple of practice rounds. No one needs to see them but you. 😊

Once you get a couple of videos under your belt, consider sharing one of them on your social media or in your next email to your list. Your followers are waiting, and wanting to hear from you!


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