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Patient Nurturing click to expand

We schedule and deliver health-related content and resources, written by Dr. Ronda Nelson, directly to your patients. The information is relevant, easy to consume and will keep you top-of-mind with your patients.

Written by Dr. Ronda Nelson, these blog posts are beautifully displayed on your website and sent to your patients every month. Leveraging your useful content, we post these on your social media channels to boost your credibility and increase patient engagement.Monthly Blog Posts
Patients love new recipes, especially those that fit within the guidelines of a healthy lifestyle and taste amazing! We'll preload your website with a number of Dr. Ronda-approved recipes and then teach you how to upload some of your favorites as well! Recipes
This is one of our most popular features! Written by Dr. Ronda Nelson, these concise yet empowering Health Tips provide weekly motivation and inspiration for your patients, helping further establish your credibility and build authority in your local community.Health Tips
You choose the message and we'll send your patients customized eGreetings for all major holidays automatically!Holiday Greetings
Your personalized Clinical Catalyst portal will allow you to send out customized emails about special events or other local happenings in your area that you want your patients to know about. We'll provide the training and you can deliver the content with just a few clicks!Customized Emails
Social Media click to expand

The majority of your patients are active online which is why we make this a priority! Our social media content is contemporary, compelling and helps your patients live a healthier lifestyle!

Don't have a social media presence yet? We can help you set up your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts to attract and engage even more patients online!Set-Up and Optimize
We post short but relevant content on all of your social media channels including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, all written by Dr. Ronda Nelson. This allows you to stay engaged with your patients, build credibility and increase your online audience. Weekly FB Posts
Need to create more followers and patients using Facebook or Instagram? We have customized lead magnets to attract the right kind of wellness patients to your clinic!Lead Magnets
By utilizing the power of Facebook, you can attract new patients that are a perfect fit for your type of practice. Targeted advertising strategies will help you reach new patients on this widely popular advertising platform.Facebook Advertising
Clinical Support click to expand

We make marketing your clinic easy! Our team has assembled a wide range of tools and resources that will help grow your online presence! We've got your back!

Enjoy the convenience of offering discipline-specific intake forms online along with Dr. Ronda's very own wellness intake forms and assessments. (We think this feature alone is worth the price of admission!)Online Intake Forms
A variety of strategic marketing playbooks are available in our online portal to help you up your game both online and in your office. Our tactical and relevant insights about a variety of topics and marketing tips will help you dominate your local market with behind-the-scenes insights your competitors don't have!Marketing Playbook
Your Clinical Catalyst vault is full of DIY training videos that you and your staff will love! These will walk you through the precise 'how-to' on a variety of functions and super cool features within the backend of your website. Training Videos
Work with your account manager to evaluate and optimize your performance, improve your website traffic, generate more new patients and customize your email campaigns using current marketing strategies.Dedicated Support Team
Once you're part of our team, you'll have inside access to our Clinical Catalyst support team, Dr. Ronda and the rest of our marketing team in our private Facebook group. Ask questions and get help from other practitioners across the country!Clinical Catalyst Facebook Group
Online Reviews click to expand

Obtaining regular reviews has become the secret key for massive online success. We teach you the tricks and strategies to get your patients to RAVE about you!

We'll make sure your website proudly displays the comments from your happy patients! Having plenty of positive reviews and testimonials creates social proof that encourages others to pick up the phone and call!Site Integration
Once you’re set up with our review software, you’ll be able to access your patient reviews, across every source from a single place.Review Monitoring
Collecting new reviews is a snap! We automatically send your patients to the most relevant and impactful review sites to share their feedback. More reviews translates to more patients!Review Generation
Because your patients are your primary marketing engine, we'll help you leverage your reviews to their full potential. Once a 5-Star review is posted, we'll auto-share it to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and a broad network of 50+ sites.Review Marketing
Optional Website Design and Set-Up click to expand

Ensuring you have a beautiful website that speaks to your patients needs can make or break your new patient influx. If your website needs a makeover (or if you don't have one at all), we can have you looking sharp as a tack in no time!

Specially designed to boost online visibility, your modern, patient-friendly website will showcase your clinic and increase patient conversions using our proprietary strategies.Fully Optimized Website
We place your website in a secure hosting environment that helps with security and SEO. It means all communications between your browser and the site are encrypted.Secure Hosting Environment
Want to make a few tweaks to your website? No problem. Just log in to the Clinical Catalyst backend to edit and make changes to your new site with ease.Customizable Backend
Google Integrations click to expand

We help you turn insights into action. Working with Integration Solutions from Google, we're able to provide specific marketing analytics to better understand your patients' behavior on your website.

We'll send you a weekly report that outlines the activity you've had on your website and outlines the key metrics related to your online presence. Weekly Performance Reports
For your website to get the attention it deserves, we optimize your content and the behind-the-scenes source code of your pages to improve search engine results.Search Engine Optimization
You'll be able to track your rankings across Google, Google Maps & Bing. With daily updates, you can see how your SEO efforts have boosted your position in the Search Engines!Search Engine Ranking Report
Win new patients by appearing at the top of a Google search when people in your town look for keywords that apply to you (e.g. chiropractor near me). Our marketing specialists have researched hundreds of keywords that will help your clinic move to the top of the search results.Google Advertising
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